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Let Juliana help you plan and photograph the surprise, joy and intimacy of your special proposal! Over the years, these treasured photographs will serve as a timeless testament, forever evoking the happiness and romance that graced this milestone in your lives.

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Cam Dineen, NHL


"Juliana was awesome to work with. First off, her enthusiasm and care for what she does is off the charts. She is very into creating a whole experience through the photoshoot. I had a surprise proposal planned, in which Juliana helped me set up. She gave me a handful of ideas and thoughts, which was super helpful. Also, Juliana will review your shoot with you, which I found to be very cool. My fiancé enjoyed the whole experience a ton, and the actual photos turned out amazing. Juliana provided us with ideas, angles, and poses during the photoshoot. All in all, she does a great job and it was a wonderful experience for us"

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