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Six Tips on How to Prepare for Your Maternity Photoshoot

Welcoming a new life into the world is a remarkable life milestone that deserves to be preserved. It's an unforgettable moment that you'll want to cherish and share with your child when they grow older. If you're considering or have already scheduled a maternity photo session, the following suggestions will be quite useful as you get ready for your session.

Photos by Juliana Leschinsky Photography

Choose the Right Time

Schedule your maternity photoshoot for the late second trimester or early third trimester, typically between 28 to 32 weeks, when your baby bump is prominent but you're still comfortable. Expectant mothers carrying twins (or more) should consider scheduling their maternity photoshoot earlier, ideally between 26 to 30 weeks, as multiple pregnancies often result in earlier deliveries compared to singleton pregnancies.

Select a Location

When choosing a location for your maternity photoshoot, consider your style and message. Outdoor settings such as parks, gardens, beaches, or scenic landscapes can provide a natural and serene backdrop, with beautiful lighting during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. Alternatively, you can opt for an in-home photoshoot, capturing the coziness and familiarity of your own space. Ultimately, the ideal location should reflect your unique personality, the story you wish to tell, and your comfort level, ensuring that your maternity photos beautifully capture this special chapter in your life.

Maternity Photoshoot Wardrobe Selection

Picking the right outfit for your maternity photoshoot is key to getting that ideal vibe and style. Consider form-fitting dresses that accentuate your baby bump or opt for flowing outfits to add a whimsical touch. A classic combination of jeans and a white top offers a timeless option. Accessories like scarves, jewelry, or flower crowns can add a personal touch, and coordinating your partner's attire if they're joining the shoot can enhance visual harmony. Neutral colors provide a timeless and flattering appearance, while bold colors can add excitement. Don't be afraid to experiment with different textures like lace or knit fabrics. Remember, you want to choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. Your photographer can also offer specific recommendations based on the location and style of the shoot.

Hair, Makeup & Nails

Go for a natural and timeless makeup look and choose a hairstyle that suits your location and wardrobe. Consider getting a fresh manicure and pedicure with a color that compliments your outfits. Neutral shades are versatile and elegant. Makes sure you do not have any chipped nails as your hands will be cradling your stomach and on full display.

Remember, the goal is to enhance your natural beauty and feel confident during the maternity photoshoot. If you're unsure about styling your hair or makeup, hiring a professional to ensure you look your best can help you relax and enjoy the experience. Your photographer can also help you pick the right style for your session.

Photo by Juliana Leschinsky Photography


Feel free to incorporate personal items such as baby shoes or sonogram images. If you have cute baby items like shoes, hats, toys, blankets, or onesies, consider bringing them to the photoshoot as they can add sentimental value to your photos. The same goes for family heirlooms – if you have a cherished locket or a meaningful photo you'd like to incorporate, don't hesitate to bring them along.


Get a good night's sleep before the photoshoot to ensure you look well-rested and energized in your pictures.

Embrace the Experience

Relax and enjoy the photoshoot. Let the love and excitement of this special time in your life shine through in your photos. Trust your photographer to capture the magic so that you are left with beautiful and meaningful memories to cherish for years to come.


Juliana Leschinsky focuses on capturing the genuine love and connection between partners with stunning and artistic photography. The end result is a collection of timeless and cherished images that perfectly showcase their special bond.


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