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Photographer Tips - How To Get Beautiful, Professional Portraits of Your Dog

Dogs are more than just pets, they are cherished members of our family.  Having their portraits grace the walls in our home serves as a constant reminder of their profound significance in our lives. Oftentimes, we don't consider having professional portraits taken of our furry friends because we don't think they will behave during the shoot. Yet, with the guidance of a skilled pet photographer, almost any dog can be captured beautifully. Here are five tips to help you make your dog portraits a reality!

Dog on beach portrait

Photo by Juliana Leschinsky

1. Make sure your dog feels calm and comfortable

Before the photoshoot, take your dog for a walk to release excess energy and let them explore their surroundings. Exploring a new place can be stimulating so give them time to sniff around and get acquainted. This can help dial down their excitement before we start the shoot.

2. High energy pre-photoshoot release

If you have a high energy dog that needs a good run or a playful burst at the beginning of their walk, it's crucial to fulfill that need before the shoot begins. We don't want to struggle with coaxing or restraining your dog when they're bursting with energy. Let them chase a ball or run freely for a bit before the shoot, and they'll naturally settle into a calmer pace once the initial excitement subsides.

3. Does your dog have a favorite treat or toy?

Bring along whatever makes your dog light up, whether it's a squeaky ball or the aroma of their favorite jerky treat. Having an item or treats that capture your dog's attention instantly makes it easier for us to capture those wonderful moments of pure delight.

4. Leash or no leash?

Not all dogs can go off lead and not all locations allow it. That's perfectly fine. You can opt for a simple, coordinating lead and collar set and in many cases, I Photoshop the lead out.  Avoid using a harness for the photoshoot.  If your dog tends to pull, bring both the harness and a collar, and we can easily remove the harness as necessary during the session.

5. Join your pup for some of the photos

Whether  you plan to showcase your photos on your walls or want some smaller prints for your eyes only, having a tangible reminder of your special bond  with your pup  is priceless. Choose an outfit that you love  and steer clear of busy patterns as they may not photograph well. Ultimately, how you feel on the day is what matters most. There's no pressure from me, but if you're wearing something you love, you might want to give it a quick try!


Juliana Leschinsky specializes in capturing the deep connections between pets and their owners through stunning and artistic photography. Her style effortlessly reflects the natural emotions and personalities of both the pet and owner, resulting in timeless images that showcase their special bond.

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