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Celebrating The Special Bond Between People and Their Pets

There is something very special between the love that one shares with their beloved pet. It's unlike the love between two people and any animal lover would tell you just how sacred it is. I have always loved to tell a story with my photography and to capture the unique love and connections that parents share with their children, siblings with one another or a lover with his/her partner. As the founder of Juliana Leschinsky Photography --, I create photographic experiences for my clients which help them discover (or rediscover) what it is they love most about one another and then translate their connections and emotions into beautiful works of art.

However, it wasn't until I experienced the loss of my first fur baby, a Chocolate Lab named Moki over 10 years ago that I realized just how limited their time is with us and how important it is to capture the special memories they share with us and our loved ones.

When I first set out to photograph Dr. Alexis Tsakiris, a holistic veterinarian with her own practice, we talked about each of her family members individually. She is married with two young sons and has two dogs but as we spoke about her senior dog, Margarita, I could hear the endearment in her voice.

Margarita was a 12.5 year old Saluki hound that she rescued, along with her brother, on the Skopelos island in Greece when Dr. Alexia was just a veterinary student. Margarita had been with Alexia through thick and thin, before she met and married her husband and before she had her children. Margarita's brother had passed away a few years back and the two were like children to Alexia.

I could hear the love for Margarita in her voice and suggested we do a special photo shoot with just the two of them. I assured her we could always do another photo session with the whole family any time and I heard the relief in her voice. I knew having this one-on-one shoot with her beloved pet would mean the world to her.

The photo shoot took place on the beach in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, a beach dear to both of them. I knew Margarita would not be a dog that is food motivated by the way Alexia described her. She was a hound that loved to sniff and explore, loved her freedom but also cared for Alexia, so I let them roam the beach and spend quality time together while I shot most of the photos from a distance. In the end, I was able to capture Margarita's unique personality as well as their mutual love for one another.

I created wall art as well as a portrait box with many of the photos printed and matted so that Alexia would be able to enjoy her special bond with Margarita everyday and for a lifetime.


Juliana Leschinsky focuses on capturing the exceptional connection between pets and their owners with stunning and artistic photography. Her photography style effortlessly captures the natural and genuine emotions and personalities of both pet and owner. The end result is a collection of timeless and cherished images that perfectly showcase this special bond.


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